Kaya 47


As this strain is only slightly sativa dominant, it can be grown in fairly small areas and grow rooms that don’t have the space for huge monster plants. She can be grown on a 12/12 light cycle from the very beginning, and on this sort of schedule will be fully finished in just 90 days. The plant will develop a large and dense central cola surrounded by a good amount of secondary buds, creating a fantastic looking plant that can be kept to very small sizes. I know of one grower who kept the plant to less than one foot tall in a grow inside a PC case. Of course, such small plants will give less bud, but for some, quality is more important than quantity.

The ease of growing Kaya 47 makes it an absolutely phenomenal choice for the first time growers, although of course more experienced cultivators will be able to use their own tricks to get even more out of this plant. Cutting back the fan leaves can be a good plan, and a good long flush with black molasses can help bring out the natural flavors of this strain and get rid of any chemical aftertaste that might linger in the finished buds. If you’re really going for the ultimate win, team these molasses with organic bee honey and you’ll have a smoke that is second to none.

Much like its parent strain, Kaya 47 is a one hitter quitter; all but the most experienced of smokers will only need a toke or two before they’re flat on their ass wondering what the hell just happened. The long lasting effects will leave you well medicated but also mellow, with enough mental activity coming back after a little while to keep you from being totally zombified. Rookie smokers should definitely be wary of getting carried away with this strain, as their virgin lungs are likely to be shocked by the strength of this strain and might run terrified into the woods to hide.

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