Killing fields


Every grower strives to have a grow room full of good looking plants that are a walk in the park to grow, and Killing Fields gives you plants that hit both these buttons. The leaves in particular grow exactly like sativa leaves should, with thin profiles and an intense bright green color. The structure of the plant, too, is that of the typical sativa Christmas tree shape, so if any of your neighbors pop round, you will definitely need a brilliant disguise for your crop if you want to keep it as a secret garden.

These plants continue to grow for 4 weeks after they’ve been switched to a 12/12 lighting cycle, so there’s no need to allow them a long vegetative period – and doing so is a risky business as it might make them grow too large for your space. Killing Fields will be about 8 inches tall at the start of the flowering stage and will usually have grown to about 5 feet just before harvest. With a grow room full of plants this size, you can expect to have a yield of around 550 grams per square yard of grow space. The biggest yields come from a ScrOG set up using and organic soil medium, so this is the recommended technique by the breeder if you’re looking for one step up from the regular harvest.

The fat buds you’ve harvested will give off a spicy and sweet smell of overripe berries, and the resulting high is a very active, cerebral one that’s great for a daytime smoke. After a wake n bake your head will almost be blown right off, and walking around high as a kite in the sunshine, you’ll definitely feel like you’re in your glory days.

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